7. Oktober 2013

Daniel works at the garden

Daniel visits and works at the garden November/December 2012

Profilbild 1As Daniel has announced at our convention, Daniel did go for the months of November and December to the garden. His plan was to install a garbage incinerator, but he didn’t get to it. Things got a little bit out of hand during the raining season and water damaged and devastated some installations. So Daniel was for the most of his stay busy with damage-control and repair-work. Thank you Daniel for important work at our garden



3. Oktober 2013

Carlos joins the team

A new man arrives

 Sarsarale e.V. proudly presents a new garden manager for Kafountine. In fall 2012 Carlos joined our team and is in charge of the gardening since then, its structural concepts and their implementation. Carlos is a born Spaniard and lives for many years in the Senegal and has tons of experience concerning gardening. His speciality are permacultures and the association agreed to his suggestion for organising the garden accordingly. He already has reorganized the path structure and several bets are planted accordingly to a holistic-systematic approach. Great work Carlos!



3. Oktober 2013

Project February to April 2013, Anja and Thomas

Anja and Thomas in the Garden

In the beginning of 2013, Anja and Thomas made their way to the garden at Kafountine and accomplished quite a lot whilst the time of their stay. For once our longtime associate Mactar leaves the country for Germany and they had to scout for a reliable replacement. After interviewing and checking quite a bunch of people, they came up with Abdouli, a bright and reliable young man. He and Carlos are doing wonders in the garden and the association is very proud to have them on bord. Furthermore the two of them had to make repairs at key installations of the garden, like pumps and batteries, which fall victim to the corrosive climate of the subtropics. A very important project was finished, as they built a garbage incinerator. But that was just a few things they overall did whilst their stay.

Thanks for your hard and industrious work you two!

More informations concerning their stay and other activities of the association can be as always followed in our newsletter.

25. September 2013
  • Sarsarale Schaubeet

Summer 2013 Artemisia Showcase in the Prinzessinnengarten

Sarsarale Bed opens in the Prinzessinnengarten

Sarsarale SchaubeetTo showcase Artemisia to the public, Sarsarale e.V. planted a bed at the Prinzessinnengarten at Berlin Kreuzberg. The Prinzessinnengarten was established in the year 2009 as a urban gardening project in the vicinity of the Moritzplatz. The garden is a green oasis in an otherwise quite barren quarter and serves not only as a garden, but also as a meeting-ground to an interested public, which comes here not only to relax, but also to be educated and to garden themselves. Because these are ideals we can relate to, we are very happy and proud to have installed a bed of Artemisia there.

Anja Nolte from Sarsarale e.V. together with Matze and Lisa from the Prinzessinnengarten did the good deed and planted four mobile little beds of Artemisia. They’ve put up a little information besides the bed which talks not only about the benefits of Artemisia, but also about the work of Sarsarale e.V. Our bed will be featured for the whole of the summer, so go there and explore this remarkable piece of communal space.

31. Juli 2013

Sarsarale e.V.

Sarsarale (means to go or to be everywhere in Wolof)


is not only our name but also our motto.

Our base of operations is a medicinal- and educational-garden in Kafountine Senegal. Besides the gardens medicinal purpose it is also an object of study for a sustainable and frugal lifestyle.

A tour through the garden provides visitors not only with insights into cultivation and harvesting of important medicinal herbs and plants like Artemisia annua, Moringa, Papaya or Eucalytos, but gives also insights into processing and, of course, application of these herbs.

Solar-power is at the center of our workings. Every energy-demand is provided by the sun and we try to represent this fact as essential to sustainable lifestyle to our visitors.

Further objectives of the garden are the recycling of water, ecological waste-treatment and the improvement of sanitation.

But first and foremost we are here to provide for a life in selfreliance with dignity and in harmony with the environment. To learn and teach.

Artemisia Annua Anamed

Being everywhere


Sarsarale e.V.
Lichtelfensteg 29
D-13088 Berlin


GLS- Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum
account-holder: Sarsarale e.V.
IBAN: DE 30 4306 0967 6015 00 19 00


15. April 2011

The job we want to accomplish

The toll malaria is inflicting on the world population is grim. Nearly a million people fall victim to the disease each year, what is close to 3000 deaths every day. Half of these victims are children under the age of five and most of the people affected by this disease are residents of sub-Saharan-Africa. The number of newly-infected persons are estimated in the scope of 300 to 500 million people.

Its a disease raging in the most poverous areas of the world and the people are often without the means to help themselves in face of the disease. Medication is expensive and often hard to get by. But there are alternatives to the treatment with expensive drugs.

A major hope of battling the disease rests in the distribution and application of the Artemisia-annua-anamed-plant (mugwort), a well known medicinal herb administered in China for over 2000 years now. Its use as drug to fight malaria is nearly as old as the knowledge of it and dates back over 1700 years. The cultivation of Artemisia is quite easy and affordable and can be practiced by virtually anyone with the proper knowledge. And this is exactly what we want to bring forward in our work.

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